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      Jiangsu Zijian Fashion Co., Ltd.
      Hotline: Office Assistant Uniform | Spring & Autumn Work Clothes | Summer Work Clothes | Winter Work Clothes
        Jiangsu Zijian Fashion Co., Ltd.is specialized in the manufacture of various occupational clothing, including worker clothes, advertisement garments, rain/acid/alkali-proof clothing, medical protection garments and various working caps etc.
      The company boasts advanced equipments, professional production technologies & techniques as well...
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          Jiangsu Zijian Fashion Co., Ltd.
        ADD: Wuyi Development Zone
      •  Tel: +86-510-88353893
      •  Fax: +86-510-88353935
      •  Email: sales@anzijian.com
        Url: www.bivocal.com
       Business license?
       ISO9001: 2008 Quality System Certificate?
       Registered trademark?
       Organization code certificate?
       Tax registration certificate?
       National industrial production permit?
        @ anzijian.com
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